We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes this is easier said than done. After all, we need to ensure that we’re eating three meals a day, and if it feels like the weight isn’t going in the right direction, then what do you do? You can’t necessarily skip meals! Well, maybe there are a few things you can do – it’s all about knowing a few meal tricks that’ll have you eating better and consuming fewer calories. Take a read below, and start making the changes today.

Source: Pexels.com

Water Over Food

Your body isn’t nearly as hungry as it thinks it is. If you’re eating on an empty stomach, then you’ll be liable to overeating – and taking in more calories than you need to be ingesting. Overcome this problem by drinking a big glass of water before your meal. The line between thirst and hunger is pretty fine, and they’re easy to get confused. If you’ve loaded up with enough water, you’ll find that you’re less likely to go back for seconds or fill your plate up too much.

Healthier Alternatives

Sometimes, it’s not about eating less – it’s about eating better. For many of the ingredients you’d have in your meals, there is a healthier alternative available. Instead of regular cheese, take a look at fresh goat cheese; it contains much less saturated fat and cholesterol than cheddar, for example. And while lettuce might be a staple on the side of your dish, you’ll be much better served by opting for darker green leaves, such as spinach, which is much better for you.     

Beefing Up With Veggies

If you’re sticking with simple dishes, you might want to consider making them a bit more complex. For example, it’s easy to go overboard with meats in your meals, but having too much meat is going to lead to a bigger waistline. Instead, fill out your meals with vegetables. This is especially relevant when it comes to things like chilies and curries, in which the flavour is based almost exclusively in the sauce; there’s no point putting in loads of costly meats in these dishes. Instead, fill it out with nutritious vegetables.  

Consider a Starter

We’re usually pretty hungry when it comes to dinner time. After all, we’ve been working hard all day! And when we’re hungry, we’re prone to putting more on our plate than we need. While it might sound counterproductive, it’s worthwhile considering a starter – a soup, for example, will deliver next to no calories but will fill you up before you begin the main course.

Focus on the Meal

If you’re forever eating your meals while chatting on your phone or watching television, it’s time to put the tech away and focus on your food. If you’re distracted by other things, you won’t notice when your body is telling you that you’re full. Eat slowly, and deliberately. You might just notice that you don’t need to eat anymore and can save the rest of the food for your next meal.