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For many people, they cannot finish school soon enough. No more lessons, no more homework, no more learning. School for many is a turbulent time with hormones raging, friendships tested and the social element taking greater priority than the academic. To learn effectively, you don’t have to be amazing at maths or know how to spell. While at school, it was all about achieving the highest grades, working through textbooks and listening to mind-numbingly boring lectures from teachers, but this isn’t the essence of learning. Learning is about experiencing new things, taking part in different activities and having a thirst for knowledge that doesn’t rely on intelligence or academic prowess. Take a look at how you can reignite your passion for learning.

Learn On The Job

As an adult, you have inevitably worked towards a career or slipped into a role. Hopefully, you have a job that you enjoy and that gives you personal and professional satisfaction. To ensure that you remain upskilled and that you can maximize your earning potential, it pays to continue your learning through professional development. If you’re in the world of business, you may choose to complete a world-class MBA. If you are in the medical sphere, you may opt to enrol in a family nurse practitioner MSN online program. Whatever qualification it is that you are looking to achieve, make sure that it’s relevant to your role and that you will enjoy becoming more knowledgeable about your chosen field.

Some people take the opportunity that professional development gives them to shift their career path. If you are working in finance yet want to forge a career in marketing, you can do this by retraining, learning and gaining valuable on the job experience.


Those who read widely tend to have the most passion for learning. While reading is a fairly passive hobby, many people enjoy the knowledge that it imparts on them. Written by world-renowned experts, you could find yourself reading an in-depth analysis of the psyche of the world’s most infamous serial killers one day, and then enjoying the prose of a Bronte sister the next. Reading for pleasure can be the simplest way of reigniting your passion for learning.

Socialize With Friends

While heading to the local wine bar with pals and catching up may not seem like the most intuitive way to learn, you may find that in conversation you and your friends may want to experience something new together. This could be learning a new language, having a go at a new team sport or hot-footing it halfway across the globe for a new travel adventure. Experiencing new things will inevitably result in learning. It might not be a school-like setting, but learning doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom. Broadening your horizons is learning in itself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are studying for a new qualification, heading to a beginner’s Japanese class or backpacking around Thailand for three months, the act of doing something new and different will reignite your passion for learning.