There is no getting away from the fact that some ladies struggle to work out how serious their boyfriends are about their relationships. That is because a lot of men tend to hold their cards close to their chests, and they’re not forthcoming with words to describe their emotions. However, there are some sure-fire ways any female (or male – this is the 21st Century) can work out if their partner loves them as much as they hope. So, take a moment to read through this post and then use some of the guidelines below to discover whether or not your relationship is going to stand the test of time.


He wants to plan holidays

If you’re with a guy at the moment who always seems to want to plan holidays, that is an excellent sign you’ve found a keeper! While some guys enjoy getting away from things and spending time in different countries, most of them will only want to do that with you if they wish to stay together. Most guys are not going to plan holidays for the future with someone who they plan to leave during the next few months. So, if you’re making plans for vacations during the next couple of years, there is a reasonable chance your partner isn’t planning on going anywhere.

He talks about the future

Does your partner mention where they want to be with you in five years time? Do they talk about the type of home you’re going to purchase and the number of children they want to welcome into the world? If that’s the case, experts from magazines like Glamour say there is a decent chance you have no need to worry when it comes to that person. Guys and even girls for that matter will only talk about the future with someone when they are sure they want to spend their lives together. So, if you know the colour of the front door on your dream home and what you’re going to do when you retire – there is no reason to stress!


He mentions getting married

As mentioned a moment ago, we live in the 21st Century, and so lots of women choose to propose to their boyfriends these days. However, if you have a man who talks about getting married, and even discusses things like the venue or location; you can probably rest assured that that person is serious about your relationship. If you notice he visits websites for companies like 77 Diamonds on his computer, that is a clear indication that he plans to tie the knot with you at some point soon. Just make sure you don’t get caught checking his internet history!

 Of course, people are unpredictable, and there isn’t a 100% accurate way of measuring someone’s intentions. However, if you’re with someone who books holidays, talks about the future, and drops hints about getting married; you can probably relax a little. Have fun!