There aren’t too many people out there whose heart doesn’t skip a beat at the prospect of travelling. Setting off for unknown lands, meeting new people, living a life that’s far away from the every day; it’s incredibly exciting! But alas, “real life” is always lurking over our shoulder, trying to keep our travel dreams as just that – dreams. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By thinking creatively about how you travel, you can ensure that you’re able to see as much of the world as you’d like, and in “better” ways, too. Take a read of our tips below, and we’ll see you on the road! First image source:

Think Outside the Box

The world is a big and beautiful place, but you wouldn’t think it was quite as big as it really is, judging by the most common tourist destinations. It’s understandable why people who choose to spend their time away from home at the most popular beach areas and cities – they’re popular for a reason, after all. But if you’re in the UK, then it’s not always possible to just jet off to, say, New York. If you take a look at Skyscanner, then you might find that there’s an incredibly cheap flight flying to some obscure part of Europe. Even if you’ve never heard of it before, if you love to travel then you’ll find there’s something to enjoy once you’re there!

Use All Your Free Time

Yes, it can be kind of difficult to travel as much as you’d like when you have a full-time job and a boss that, you know, expects you to turn up every day. Boring! You’ll be in the habit of maximising your holiday leave allowance to explore the globe, but what about all the other days where you don’t have to be in work? We’re lucky in the UK in that we get many bank holidays; why not use this extra day off to jet off somewhere for a few days? You can leave after work on the Friday, and return late on Monday night. That’s more than enough hours to get your travel fix.

Search and Go

You can dream, dream, dream, and then talk, talk, talk about travel plans, but there’s no substitute for actually getting up off the couch and moving. While it can be fun to plan every detail of your travel plans meticulously, there’s also a lot of magic to be found in making last minute plans, too. You can get great deals on just about every travel expenditure if you’re flexible as to where you go and what you do. If you wake up with the travel itch and you have a few free days, then don’t overthink it: just get on the road.

Alternative Travel Experiences

Travelling can be expensive, and it can also be cheap. Many people live with the assumption that it has to be costly, however, and this prevents them from seeing as much of the world as they’d like to see. If you’re only ever content when you’re staying in five-star hotels and having the best seats at the theatre then yeah, it’s going to be expensive. But if you’re willing to live without those luxuries, then you’ll find a world rich with experience – and one that can cost next to nothing, too. For example, the next time you’re looking abroad, why not take a look at a volunteering experience? You’ll have all your accommodation and food taken care of, will meet many an interesting person, and will be able to discover a new place in a way that money can’t buy.


Set up a Base

If you have some money in your savings account, then why not take a look at buying a place somewhere overseas? This won’t just be a great investment: it’ll also mean you’ll be inclined to travel much more. The key is to find a place that, because it has such good connections with other countries, can be considered a travel hub. Buy a home in Indonesia, like those offered at, and you’ll have India, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam all within easy travel distance. Investing in an overseas property naturally feeds into travelling more; when you have a place just sitting there, you’ll be much more inclined to use up all of your free time travelling!

Cut Your Costs

Of course, not everybody has a savings pot they can dip into when they want to travel more. But this does mean they have to travel any less? Not at all. The key is just to cut your travel expenditures. It’s possible to travel everywhere on a budget; even cities like New York don’t have to cost the earth if you’re willing to make your money go as far as it can go. Even getting from A to B doesn’t need to be expensive, if you’re just going overland; buses can be more cost-efficient than flying, while there’s still plenty of places that are hitchhiking friendly.

Exchange Homes

If you want to spend a few weeks in a new destination, but don’t quite have the finances to spend money on hotels for that length of time, then take a look at exchanging your home. This means temporarily swapping homes with a person elsewhere in the world. You’ll have spent nothing on accommodation, and will also be able to live “like a local,” which is one of the best ways to get to know a new place.

Find a Nomad Job

If you’re committed to a lifetime of travel, then why not find a job that allows you to be anywhere in the world? It’s called being a “digital nomad,” and includes jobs like web design, writing, and running a blog. All you’ll need is the internet, and that means you can go to most places on earth.

It’s not easy to travel as much as we’d like, but as we’ve shown above, it is possible – you just need to make it a priority!