When you’re trying to look after yourself, cutting out fast food is probably one of the first things you’ll do. But even if you’re eating well, the occasional burger can’t hurt too much, can it? Well, it won’t make you gain too much weight if it’s just once in a blue moon but that’s only one of the negative side effects associated with fast food. Eating junk food affects your body in so many ways that you never even realized. These are just some of the unexpected side effects of fast food.

Hidden Chemicals

Most fast food companies are wise to the fact that people don’t want their food to be filled with chemicals so a lot of their advertising campaigns are based around how the burgers are 100 percent meat with no added extras. While that might be true, there are still plenty of hidden chemicals elsewhere, mainly in the packaging, and those chemicals are transferred to your food in small traces. The grease proofing chemicals that companies use in their packaging can be harmful to your health if you’re ingesting them in large quantities. If you’re having the occasional burger or pizza you should be fine but it’s something worth thinking about.

The other issue is that there are still chemicals in the meat, even if the fast food companies haven’t added them themselves. In factory farmed meat, there are often a lot of medications that carry over into the food. Worming tablets and antibiotics are usually given to the animals and you’re eating that every time you eat fast food. The problem with eating lots of antibiotics is that you build a tolerance and if you get ill and need antibiotics, they won’t be as effective.


When you think about cavities and tooth decay, you’re probably thinking of sugary foods like sweets. The thing is, fast food has a huge amount of added sugar in and you don’t often realize because it doesn’t taste sweet. There is a huge link between your diet and tooth cavities, you can find more information in this post about the dangers of sugary food. There’s also a lot of sugary drinks when you buy fast food but even if you avoid those, you’re getting a huge amount of sugar from things like sauces, burger buns and even pickles.


If you’re getting a lot of severe headaches and migraines, fast food could be the culprit. MSG is a common ingredient in a huge amount of fast foods and it causes all sorts of health problems. Overexposure can cause problems in the kidneys and has even been linked to cancer. Even in small doses, MSG can cause problems with migraines.

Environmental Problems

As well as damaging your own health, fast food is damaging the health of the planet as well. The amount of land used for farming animals and crops for fast food is huge and it has a massive impact on the environment. If that’s important to you, you should stop eating fast food altogether.

Everybody knows eating fast food can make you gain weight, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

Image From Pexels