With spring upon us so many people are looking into what is ‘in’ for the coming months. And we can tell you that mindfulness is in!

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness and self care is the practice of looking after you. It’s not selfishness or being self centred as many people may think, it’s about looking after yourself so that you can look after the other people in your life. You need to find time to connect with you and to shed all of those feelings imposed by others on how you’re supposed to dress, how you’re supposed to act or behave. You are you’re own person and it’s so easy to lose sight of that and to treat yourself wrong because you’re too busy with everyday life or are sacrificing too much of yourself to be there there for others. Being mindful is just being aware of that and knowing when enough is enough, and knowing when you need to step back, take a breath and be there for you.

How can you bring it into your life?

There are so many ways in which you can bring mindfulness into your life. And you can let it become an integral part of the way you live, or just bring in aspects to lighten your life.


Mindfulness through yoga is a way of connecting to your body and physically putting those negative feelings. It’s a great show of self care as you’re exercising and building stamina, muscle and flexibility while also caring for yourself and embedding a healthy mantra into your everyday life. The heart of yoga is grounding yourself and focusing on what feels good while getting rid of all the negative energy built up inside you.


Much like Yoga, meditation allows you to reconnect with your body – it also allows you to really focus in on your thoughts and feelings. It’s a fantastic way of thinking through things happening in your life without letting any negativity or bad feeling taking root. You can enhance your meditation with essential oils and music. Meditation can easily be slotted into your life – it can be ten minutes or half an hour, depending on what you need and what best works with your life.


Going on a retreat, like a yoga or meditation retreat, is an amazing way to have a break from the busyness of day to day life while also meeting people doing exactly the same thing. Having that support system is so helpful when starting your mindfulness journey. As with any new practice, it can be hard to fit in the time or to change the way you’re thinking, because it is a whole new mindset you’re trying to create, but when you have people going through the same journey, it’s so much easier to do. And to realise that lapses are normal and you can pick yourself back up and start again.


Your clothes, makeup and hair are all outward expressions of you. And it is always a conscious choice we make to look at certain way. And it can be something you are judged on by other. You should never let other people’s opinions stop you from looking how you want to look. Your appearance should be something you take pride in, something you care about – but only because it makes you feel good and no other reason. It doesn’t matter if you choose a boho chic style with it’s casual and flowing styles, or you go super smart with structured clothing and a business-like attitude, mindful style is all about being you and making yourself happy.

Books and journals

Getting more information about mindfulness and self care is a really simple thing to do – the whole world is at your fingertips on the internet. But some of the best resources we have are books. Try Self-care for the real world for inspiration, and for ideas that you can implement into your everyday life.


Having the right diet goes a long way towards making you feel good and doing good things for your body. If you’re eating rubbish then you’re going to feel rubbish – it’s not rocket science. The fuel you put into your body can either make you feel great or feel bad, and it’s completely your choice. If you put in the time and effort to prepare healthy meals, then you are mindfully choosing to invest in yourself and your health. It can also go a long way towards healing any illnesses or ailments you my have.


Mindfulness is all about looking after yourself and a huge part of that is to make sure that you’re healthy. You don’t need to suddenly become a gym bunny, but going for a walk, or starting an exercise class can make a huge difference to your health. The obvious benefits of exercise are your fitness levels, but you also get the benefits of all those endorphins rushing around your body making you feel happy and like you have a lot more energy than normal.


Getting a good night’s sleep sounds so simple and it really is, but it’s something that you really don’t think about and something that too many people disregard. You need between eight and ten hours of sleep a night, and it’s not just something you can catch up on over the weekend. Make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable bed, with the room at a nice, low temperature, and avoid looking at a screen right before you sleep – the blue backlight tricks the brain into thinking it’s morning and forces it to stay awake.