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We often tend to think of the latest fitness crazes as nothing more than a flash in the pan – something to try out for a while and discard a short time later because they’re just trends right? They won’t help us to stay fit and healthy long-term will they? Yes and no.

There are certainly some health and fitness trends (the cabbage soup diet anyone?) which do more harm than good, aren’t really sustainable and aren’t really worth our time, but right now, there are also some great exercise and wellness trends which really will make us fitter long-term.

So, if you want to be the best you can be, give some of these current trends a try:

Mindful Movement

Meditation has been a popular trend for a few years now, and those of you who have stuck with your practice will know that it does work, so it perhaps isn’t all that surprising that the hot 2018 fitness trend of mindful movement is one of the good ones that you should try. What’s mindful movement exactly? You can find out all about it at, but basically, it’s the intermingling of meditation and exercise, which basically means that you maintain awareness of the body and the breath as you exercise. This means you can incorporate it into pretty much any exercise routine that you would like.

Supercharged Recovery

Most of us don’t think of it as such, but the recovery time after exercise is just as important as the time we spend lifting, spinning, boxing and downward dogging. So, the latest trend for serious recovery, in which you not only rest for longer periods but engage in active recovery, treat yourself to sports massages, get more sleep and generally just look after yourself instead of going at it fast-paced 24/7 is a real boon. Give it a try, and you will feel a huge benefit to your general health, just remember to do the exercise too!


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Speaking of recovery, one of the hottest trends is ironically cryotherapy – the process of exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures post-exercise It helps to speed up the recovery of your muscles and minimise inflammation so that you feel much more energised much more quickly.

Modern Cleanses

Cleanses often get a bad rap for being unnecessary or downright dangerous, and if you’re doing an all lemon water cleanse or the aforementioned cabbage soup diet, for example, that can be true. However, modern cleanses, like the one at are a different kettle of fish completely. They feed your body high-quality nutrition that will boost your energy levels, help you to lose weight, and most important of all, help you to attain optimum health.

Group Training

Obviously, fitness classes that require group participation have been around for a long time now, but this year, they are becoming more popular and branching out in more directions than ever to include things like strength training, and this is good news because when you work out in a group you are more accountable and more likely to push yourself.

Try any of these trends, and you won’t regret it!