If you are planning on visiting Australia, you most definitely have an exciting time ahead of you. Australia is full of amazing things to do. Not only do you have the outstanding scenery and the adorable wildlife, but also you have a plethora of famous attractions. However, not everyone wants to do the obvious, some people want to make their trip a bit different by doing something that is not typically expected of a tourist. If you are this type of person, read on to discover some of the unexpected things you can do while visiting Australia.

Enjoy the whitest sand in the world

The whitest sand in the world is said to by at Hyams Beach, which is situated in New South Wales. This is around a two-hour drive from Sydney. Not only can you relax on the white sands, but also there are some great activities to enjoy too, including snorkelling and sea kayaking. Plus, the rock pools are amazing, and well worth exploring.

Head to the Museum of Old and New art

This may be one attraction that you have not considered; yet you should definitely add it to your to-do list. While Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge may be iconic buildings and structures, the Museum of Old and New art will provide you with a fascinating few hours to say the least. You don’t even need to be a fan of art to appreciate what is on display here. You get to witness the very oddness of the art realm. It is interesting and unusual to say the least.

Take a drive – a long one!

Driving doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? But this trip will be a fun one. In America, the route 66 journey is something that a lot of people aim to do, so they can see as much of the ‘real’ U.S. as possible. Well, Australia is vast, and it has so much to offer too. So, why not do you own road trip cross Australia? If you would like some inspiration regarding what sort of drive to take, you should check out the Bayswater Charity Drive. This is a journey that was taken for an amazing cause, and you can replicate it if you want to see the best of what natural Australia has to offer.

Go to the island of kangaroos

Last but not least, seeing a kangaroo while in Australia probably does not sound too unexpected. But, did you know that there is a Kangaroo Island? Not only will you be amongst wildlife, but you can relax in a spa too. Sheer bliss!

Hopefully, you now have some suggestions for your Australia trip that you haven’t thought about before. From doing your own version of route 66 to visiting some of the quirky and unusual places in this amazing country, there is something for everyone and you can see a real slice of Australia if you go against the norm of what is expected of a tourist. Plus, you won’t have to deal with massive crowds and overpriced stuff either!