Whenever you think about your possible significant other, your best friend rarely comes to your mind. But when the mere possibility occurs to you, you try to get rid of this thought as soon as possible. First, you reject the idea, as you think that it would ruin your friendship, and you would end up without a lover and a friend. Then you start asking yourself whether best friends can date. You end up haunted by the question “Should I date my best friend?”. This question may sound ridiculous, but you find more and more reasons to date your best friend. Let’s be honest, you often think that your ideal partner should have the certain traits of your best friend, especially if you both are christian singles. But you don’t manage to find someone like that. So, what prevents you from dating your best friend? Are you afraid of his or her reaction? Or is it the mere fact that you are friends? So, while you think whether best friends should date or not, we offer you to check out our five reasons to date your best friend.

They Know You What You Like and Dislike

You waste a lot of time on hinting to your prospective partner what you like and what you dislike. It takes time for you to explain that you are more into Chinese food than into pizza and that you need to spend some alone time. You have difficulties with explaining that you are quite okay with spending weekends at home, rather than traveling somewhere. Okay, it can be otherwise, and your partner is more boring than you are, but, anyway, it takes time to get your prospect to understand it. It’s something that doesn’t happen when you date your best friend. Your best friends know what you like and what you dislike. They know how you like to spend your time, the food that you like, and how much alone time you need on a daily basis. That knowledge is already enough to be the candidate for the role of your perfect match.

They’ve Been Approved By Your Family

One of the biggest problems that you face with your prospective partner is whether your family will approve of them. Not that it matters, but nobody wants to witness fights between your parents and your significant other… and then you have to take sides. You can avoid all these problems dating your best friend, as he or she has been already approved by your family.

You Can Count On Each Other

You’ve been through a lot of things together, thus there is no need to expect any unpleasant surprises when you are dating your best friend. Your best friend won’t turn his or her back on you when you need support. And your best friend won’t betray you at the most unexpected moment. The main reason behind that is the fact that you’ve already been together through the worst times of your lives.

You’re Already Comfortable With Them

Another problem with your possible significant other is whether you are going to be comfortable with them when you start living together. This is something that won’t happen to you when you are dating your best friend, as you are already comfortable with him or her.

They Know Your Past-Relationship

When you are dating your best friend, you may never face the breakup, as your best friend knows everything about your past relationship. Your best friend helped you to survive your post-breakup depression and knows what has lead to it. Thus he or she knows the do’s and don’ts about you.