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We all need to take care of our bodies. After all, we only get one of them and if we want to truly live life, have as much fun as we can seeing the world, working on our goals and making our dreams come true, we need a body that supports us.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t particularly fond of high-intensity exercise – we don’t like getting hot and sweaty- nor do we like lifting weights or spending hours at the gym, and then there are some of us who simply aren’t able to do intense exercise for whatever reason. The good news is, we don’t have to do any of that stuff to stay fit and well. In fact, it is possible to maintain your fitness levels by carrying out various gentle activities on a regular basis. Sound good? Check out these gentler ways to get and stay fit:


This is definitely a great form of fitness for those of you who love to travel. There is nothing quite like walking around a new location to open up your mind to new cultures, burn calories and keep yourself in good shape. Of course, even if you’re just at home, walking around local beauty spots or strolling through the city centre people watching as you walk can be just as fun, and it won’t put too much pressure on your body.

Tai Chi

Not only is Tai Chi a very gentle form of exercise (which is perhaps why it is so popular with older people) but it is also a quite beautiful form of activity due to the graceful, slow movements that make up the activity. If you can’t find a class locally, there are plenty of online Tai Chi lessons that you can use to learn the forms and start practising. Do this daily and not only will you feel great physically, but mentally, you’ll notice that you’re a lot less stressed too.

Hatha Yoga

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There are many forms of yoga, some of which are quite intense, but traditional hatha yoga is very gentle and precise, much like Tai Chi in many ways. However, if you practice it regularly, it will tone you up and reveal to you muscles that you didn’t know even existed, and it will do so in such a way that your body tone is lean and graceful. Oh, it’s great for mental health too.


Swimming is another great exercise for the seasoned traveller, because who doesn’t love seeking out some beautiful blue sea for a swim? And because it isn;’t load bearing, it can be a very gentle, low-impact way of losing weight, toning up and maintaining physical fitness all round.


Some of you who’ve tried Pilates might not think that it should be included in this list because, if you haven’t exercised in a while and you start a Pilates class, it may well feel pretty intense at first, but if you’re moderately active already, you will find that the stretches that you practice in Pilates are fairly gentle, but they are great for toning the whole body and maintaining a high level of fitness.

Time to start exercising?