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However experiencing – or not – you are with touring around Australia, it is likely that you have not thought much about Perth. This is a well-known city on the West of Australia, and yet it is one of the less-visited cities on the continent. However, this is not for lacking in any kind of quality or style. As you will see, Perth is actually an incredibly fascinating and wonderfully diverse place to visit, and it is extremely unlikely that you will get bored travelling around this incredible place. But what is it that it has to offer more than anywhere else? Let’s take a look at why Perth just might be Australia’s top tourist spot.

Eating & Drinking

Who doesn’t love to eat a good meal and have a few drinks? As with any of the other cities in Australia, Perth is home to a huge number of eateries, restaurants and cocktail bars. But unlike many others, it has such a huge and diverse range of them that it will be impossible to ever get bored. No matter what your favourite tipple is, or what kind of cuisine you are most into, you are bound to find that Perth can offer it to you in spades. This alone makes Perth a great Australian city, and for the keen tourist it is likely to be something of a deal breaker. Nonetheless, this is not all that Perth has to offer.


You might be pleasantly surprised by just how diverse and fascinating Perth can be, and how much there is to explore on the whole too. As it happens, there are a great many sights to see, and you don’t need to go far to be able to witness a whole range of amazing and fantastic things. You can easily get around, and with a cheap car hire Perth is bound to amaze you with its many diversions and wonders. Whether you are keen to tour around just the main city centre, or you want to go all the way out to the Ningaloo reef, you will not feel that you are short of options at any time. This alone is a great reason to visit this wonderful city.


However long you might be staying, you will find that the city of Perth is incredibly welcoming, and finding somewhere luxurious to stay is not at all hard. For those with slimmer budgets, however, there are also plenty of less expensive places to stay which will nonetheless offer you a comfortable and easy nights’ sleep. That’s something that can always be well appreciated if you are planning a trip, so it’s worth remembering when you are in the process of planning your Australia trip. Perth is likely to offer you much in the way of grandness on this front, and usually for much less than you might think.

Perth can be a fantastic and unique way to experience Australia, so add it to your list if you are keen to see as much of this beautiful continent as you can.