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When it comes to jetting off on our travels, the majority of us focus on daywear. We pack strappy tops and shorts galore, knowing we’ll love these easy options when we head out each day. Few things are better for keeping cool.

But, when packing for your next trip, you might also want to spare a thought for your evening wear. This is especially the case for those heading off on a romantic getaway. You want him to fancy the pants off you when you head out for those evening meals, right? Even if you’re flying solo, looking right in the evening is essential. After all, we wouldn’t expect someone back home to walk into a nice restaurant in shorts. And, it’s likely the same wherever you’re going. Which is why you should take a little time consider these aspects of your evening fashions.

Light dresses for a classy touch

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You should definitely make sure you have plenty of light dresses. These are ideal because they don’t take much room in your suitcase, and they won’t leave you overheating. Yet, a light maxi dress can look incredibly classy if you pair it with the right shoes and jewellery. You’ll certainly look better than you would in your casual day wear. Of course, you don’t need to pack one of these for each night. By taking four of five dresses, you can have fun alternating without filling your whole case. You could even change your footwear and accessories to make your outfits look different. As well as helping you look your best, nothing quite beats changing into a dress at the end of the day. It’s something you rarely do at home, so it’s sure to make your vacation evenings feel like a real event.

High-heels which aren’t too heavy

You probably could get away with flats in the evening if you wanted to. If you’re wearing a maxi dress, it’s unlikely anyone would even notice. But, if you want to go all out, consider taking some high heels along with you. Of course, any woman who wears these for nights out at home should know that things can get pretty sweaty. Many heels are made of confining materials which don’t do well in heat. But, by taking along something like the Aurella options offered by Billini, you can rock the heel look without suffering a sweaty disaster. That way, you can blow everyone away with the length of your legs, and not even suffer for it.

A shawl for cooler weather

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Bear in mind, too, that even hot countries get cooler when the sun sets. Though you might not want to go all out with a cardigan, packing a few shawls is always a good idea. These are light enough that you can fold them into your bag if you need to. But, you can wrap them around your arms if you’re feeling the chill. Plus, opting for the right colours here is sure to make your dress pop perfectly.