Venice is a stunning city. It is full of wonderful historic buildings. Plus, as you can see here there is a chance to enjoy an opera while you are staying there. The city has some beautiful opera venues. Below is a roundup of the best of them. 

The stunning Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto 

The Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto is one of the most unusual venues for an opera you are likely to ever come across. During the performance, you are taken through several of the rooms in the palace. The audience follows the cast around as they play out the story. It is a fantastic way to experience opera for the first time. At this venue, the story comes alive in a way that is just not possible when the opera is performed on the stage.

The Gran Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix) 

In Vienna, the Gran Teatro La Fenice has been the main opera venue, for several centuries. This stunning opera house has a long and interesting history. It has burnt down and been rebuilt three times since the 1700s. You can learn more about its history by reading this article.  

The last time it burnt down was in 1996. But, it was rebuilt in the same style as the old theatre but it was also fitted out with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. As a result, opera-goers get the best of both worlds. It gives you a chance to enjoy an opera in what feels like historic surroundings with the benefits of near-perfect acoustics. 

The Prison’s Palace 

This is another unusual venue that has been put to good use by the singers of the Collegium Ducale. It is hard to believe that this beautiful venue really was once a prison. This prison was built by the nephew of Antonio Contino, who was responsible for the stunning Bridge of Sighs. The bridge connected the new prison with the old one that was also located in a palace. Again, if you do not fancy sitting through an entire opera, these performances of the best of Neopolitan opera are the perfect answer.

The Chiesa di San Vidal 

Occasionally, you can also enjoy opera at the Chiesa di San Vidal. This venue is usually used for classical music performances, but every now and again the opera companies of Venice also perform there. 

The opera in Venice really is for everyone 

These days, most people travel by plane, so do not really have room in their case for an evening dress or tuxedo. Fortunately, not having room to pack these items does not mean you cannot attend an opera, during your stay. 

Surprisingly, Venice´s opera venues take quite a relaxed approach when it comes to dress code. Usually, black tie and evening dresses are only required on premiere nights. The rest of the time men can get away with wearing a freshly laundered pair of smart jeans with a button down shirt and maybe a jacket. Women can dress in a similar way. They just need to swap the shirt for a stylish upmarket top. So, there is no need to pack clothes that you cannot wear elsewhere if you want to attend an opera while you are staying in Venice. Although, it is always worth double-checking the dress code for the performance you are planning to attend before actually booking your tickets.