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A massive date in every new couples’ love story is the first getaway with bae. You’ve had a few months of getting to know each other in the comforts of your hometown, enjoying casual dinner dates, some Netflix and chill sessions and even ventured out a couple of hours a couple of times in his classic car, but this is something else entirely. This is your first time where togetherness and all things couply become pretty official; where all your secrets and pet peeves get uncovered by close proximity and a letting down of your guards.

On the one hand, it’s the epitome of bliss, but on the other it is enough to make the most confident chick shake with anxiety. After all, he hasn’t know your secrets up until now, and you want to keep that sense of allure going. You want him to think you are effortlessly sexy and stylish.

So, without further ado, here is our advice on how to pack that suitcase for your first vay-kay with lover-boy:

  1. Always Know The Vibe

There is a reason why Instagram added geolocations and it’s for you to be able to scope out what a place is like right now. So use it to your advantage and then create a packing plan from there. If you’re heading to a tropical sandy-beach haven with a casual vibe, simple bikinis, cutoff jeans and some stylish sandals will be your go to, with a couple of sundresses coming out for the evening meal. If you’re going somewhere more upmarket, stunning cover-ups and breathtaking silk dresses need to have some space in your trunk.

  1. A Million Dollars Mile High

You may want to put on your biggest sweatshirt and juicy couture tracks for comfort reasons, but don’t. Instead, you want to go with the kind of style you’d find in the French Riviera. Something like a light and airy knee-length dress, paired with a Panama hat, a monochrome pashmina, some effortless sandals and a light throw to keep warm on those freezing flights (you could even use it as an excuse to cuddle up!).

  1. Lingerie Matters More Than Ever

If you are going to buy anything new, then it needs to be a lingerie set. Something light and fresh, sexy and delicate; something that is going to compliment your sunkissed skin like nothing else. With that in mind, a great place to look is Simone Perele. Another great addition to your lingerie is something pretty and silky to sleep in, like silk shorts and a cami, which will really give him something to smile about. It’s easy to think guys will be distracted by any lingerie, but they appreciate it when you’ve made an effort, no matter how subtle it may be.

  1. A Moment Wearing His Stuff

If there is one thing guys love more than anything, it is seeing a girl wear their clothes. This is good news for you because, undoubtedly, you will face a moment of vulnerability. You might be slightly sunburned, slightly hungover or slightly lost about what to wear. That’s when slipping into one of his buttoned shirts or a jumper becomes the perfect look. Trust us on that one