You’ve been hitting the gym on a daily basis for weeks now, and you’re loving it. You invested in the best footwear, the best gym package and that adrenaline is pumping. You’re getting healthy and you love it, but then you hit a wall and you’re injured. There is nothing worse than feeling pinned down by an injury caused by getting fit. If getting fit is your favourite past time, then you can bet you’re pretty much going to be chomping at the bit to get back out there when you are fully healed.

Training through an injury is the mindset for most wannabe fitness gurus, but it’s not always the best idea, especially if the injury is a leg or knee one. Being injured may be a tough pill to swallow, but all is not lost. Okay, so you can’t run for five miles a day uphill outside for a while, but being injured doesn’t mean you will instantly turn into a couch potato. We’ve got some great ways to keep your mind focused while you’re injured, and ways to keep fit until you can hit the road.

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Accept It. Before you can do anything more with your fitness, you have to accept the fact you are injured and have to change the way that you do things. Trying out walking machines for low impact exercise rather than pounding the pavement every day is one way to switch your workout positively. Another is to accept that your legs need a little time to rest, but your arms could use some attention. You could put a positive spin on pretty much any workout injury, you just have to look on the bright side.

Get Advice. If you catch your foot or ankle while running, the usual thing is to keep running. The issue begins when pain is all you feel and it’s just not getting any better. Take the time to listen to your body, as playing through the pain could easily make it so that you never go running again.

New Ideas. Being hardcore at the workout that you love is wonderful, but you’re not going to be hurting anyone by simple taking stock and changing things. Swimming is low impact, but it’s just a good of a core workout as uphill running. The key to staying fit is to be open to other avenues. You don’t have to stay in that lane if you don’t want to, but you do need an alternative to make life easier for yourself.

Food Watch. When you’ve been benched, your calorie intake needs a little help. Eating is a good thing when you’re a runner, as you burn everything that you take in for every run that you do. However, you cannot eat a runner’s diet if you’re being held back to just walk. Dial in your calories to make sure you don’t gain too much fat while you’re out injured.

Recover well and you’ll be back on the road in no time at all. But give yourself the time to do it.