Australia is an incredibly unique and beautiful part of the world. It’s not surprising that millions of tourists flock to this country every single year. It’s a haven of modern culture, fascinating history, and awe-inspiring scenery. There’s so much to see, whether you’re a fan of glistening skylines or wild and desolate landscapes. Of course, the sheer amount of possibilities when it comes to things you could do in this beautiful place might make it hard for you to decide what to see first. Here are some suggestions of things to do in the best Australian regions.

New South Wales

New South Wales is a beautiful region with a lot to offer. The Royal National Park is a stunning piece of land that draws visitors from all over the world, but you should really visit Kosciuszko National Park in winter. The slopes of Etheridge Ridge in this great park look unbelievable when coated with snow (so cross your fingers for a winter Christmas if you visit during the winter season). Of course, in terms of culture and entertainment, Sydney is the place to go. It’s only the state capital but many visitors treat this fantastic city almost as if it’s the capital of Australia. The Opera House is an iconic landmark but it also puts on incredible performances.

The Kimberley

If you become bored of Sydney and all the other excitement this east-coast state has to offer then you should explore the northernmost Australian region: Kimberley. Whilst this region may not boast major Australian like other regions in Australian, it boasts a lot of natural beauty and intriguing cultural history that’ll be well worth your while. As a traveler, you might be searching for journeys that take you off the beaten path. Sydney is amazing but you might want to visit a place that not many tourists would consider exploring.

If you’re struggling to begin when visiting this region then you should go on a planned tour with the Best of The Kimberley team to see everything this amazing part of northern Australia has to offer. Scenic flights and cruises could really open your eyes to magnificent landscapes that span this wild and stunning state. You should definitely visit the awesome spectacle that is the Domes Walk in Purnululu National Park for a look into the weird and wonderful creations of nature. It’s a sparsely populated region but a beautiful one.

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Victoria a vast and popular region of Australia. You should definitely see Melbourne, the state capital, whilst you visit this state. It’s the hub of culture and entertainment in Victoria – you could find some time to see the Edinburgh Fringe Festival if you travel there at the right time of year because the event is a real testament to the city’s culture. But you might want to escape the hectic center of the city at some point, of course. You should visit the Dandenongs if you’re looking for something a little different. This national park is covered by a lusciously green forest, vibrant colours, and a sense of tranquility that can only be found away from the civilized world.

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