When you’re travelling, especially if you’re going off the beaten track, it can be a lot more difficult to take care of your hygiene needs than it would be if you were at home or staying at a swanky hotel. Travelling can particularly take a toll on your tooth care what with worries about water quality and the challenge of keeping your toothbrush sanitary, but it isn’t impossible.

Here are some simple tips to help you fellow travellers look after your teeth when you’re on the road:

Visit a Dentist Before You Go

If you haven’t yet set out on your travels, it’s an imminently good idea to see a dentist before you go. Not only will they be able to check for any potential issues and fix them before you go, whether that means filling a cavity or sending you to an Invisalign Dentist to have invisible braces fitted (they’re very selfie-friendly), but they’ll also be able to offer you some useful advice. Get your teeth in as good shape as you can and listen to what your dentist says, and you’ll be halfway there!

Air Out Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush needs access to fresh air if it is to remain sanitary for use. That’s because, if it doesn’t get it’s fair share of air, it will lock moisture in, and that will help bacteria to grow and thrive. So, take it out of your backpack, and it’s travel case, and let it feel the air as often as you can.

Toothbrush Meet Sun

Letting your toothbrush see the sun once in awhile is a really good idea too because the UV rays from the sun are great at killing off bacteria.

Use Bottled Water

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If you’re travelling in an area where the water isn’t safe to drink, then you shouldn’t be using it to clean your teeth either, not only because you’ll introduce the water into your body and probably get sick, but also because the bacteria in the water will get onto your toothbrush and cause so many problems. So, use bottled water instead.

Pack Extras

It can sometimes be hard to find a shop selling toothbrushes and pastes when you’re travelling off the beaten track, which is why you should always bring along spares. If space is an issue, you can buy foldable toothbrushes, which will help.

Chew Gum

Sometimes when you’re travelling, you will have to go longer between brushing than you would really like to. During those times, it’s handy to have a pack of sugar-free gum, like Mentos Gum Fresh, around. Why? Because chewing gum will produce saliva and that;’washes’ plaque and bacteria off your teeth. It’ll do wonders for your breath too!

Go Easy on the Sugar

I know there are lots of wonderfully sugary delights to be found everywhere from Indianapolis to India, but if you want to return home with a smile that’s as pretty as it was when you left, then going easy on the sugary stuff if probably a good idea.