When you have spent a lot of time backpacking, you just get used to wearing the same basics over and over and rolling things up to make them fit in. but when you suddenly have the luxury of a full suitcase that only has to last a couple of weeks – the world is suddenly your oyster.

So what should you pack?

The temptation is to just keep packing stuff in until you have either gone past the weight restriction or the zip is going to burst. Why pack just one pair of shoes when you could pack them all? Well, the thing is, that when you are exploring a place for just a couple of weeks and staying in the same place for the duration of your holiday, you still need to be able to prioritise what you want to take. You could certainly take your whole shoe collection but are you really going to wear all of them? Really?

Even if you have a full suitcase to fill, you need to think about the activities you want to do on holiday and figure out from there what you need to pack. For example: if you plan on going out for drinks and fancy meals, you will need dresses, heels and a makeup bag. But, if your holiday is more activity-based you will need to pack things for the days as a top priority.

So, here are three ways to pack a suitcase to suit three very different holidays.

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The Water Sport Holiday

Water sports are great fun and having a full holiday to play out is such a fantastic opportunity. Since this is the core component to your holiday, you need to make sure that you prioritise bikinis and other, more sensible swimsuits, for your activities. If you are a SCUBA diver, then these best news you can hear is that some airlines will allow you extra weight to accommodate any gear you are taking. This means that you can happily pack your fins, booties and mask without worrying. If you do run out of room, though, a snorkel will happily travel at the bottom of your hand luggage!

Once you have enough stuff to get your through the days, a couple of light-weight dresses, a skirt or two and some plain tops will do you nicely for evening wear. Accessorise your outfits with jewelry and put some nice sandals on to dress them up. If you are short on space, try to use items that can be easily modified like fossil watch bands, which can be changed up to give your watch a completely new feel.

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The Winter City Break

When you hear ‘holiday’, you probably aren’t thinking about a cold, wet and rainy trip around a Northern European city. And yet, this kind of holiday is a really nice way to get excited for the festive seasons at winter markets. You could even tag your holiday on to your Christmas break, continuing the festivities long after everyone else has packed up their decorations.

Obviously, warm clothes are a must here but layers are definitely the best way to go. Luckily, this is what 2017’s winter fashion is all about! Pack t-shirts, thin jumpers, jackets and wear a nice thick coat on the plane. A pashmina or a chunky scarf will keep you wrapped up warm, too.

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The Sun, Sea and Sand Holiday

The classic holiday, if you will. The sun, sea and sand holiday is what we all dream of through the dark winter months. It is also probably the hardest holiday to pack for because you could be doing all sorts of activities and not know exactly what you want to do until you get there. Because of this, sensible packing for all occasions is a must.

Start by packing your basics: swim wear, shorts, t-shirts, a good pair of thick flip flops for padding around the pool and some trainers for walking and exploring. Add in a couple of outfits for the evening and a pair of nice shoes to wear out. A pashmina is great for this holiday too as it will keep you warm on the plane but also can be used to cover your shoulders if you visit a religious spot.

Before you pack anything, write a list of the things you will need including toiletries, suncream and a towel. Then lay everything out on your bed and pack systematically. If you are going to arrive at night, put your nightwear on top; if you are arriving early, put your beach bag on top so you can head straight out into the sunshine!

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